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Sasad Liget 5

In September 2016, the sales of the successful Sasad Liget’s 5th phase started: – 75% of the properties are already sold. The almost 220 units are found in 4 blocks, in 6-, 7- and 8-storey buildings designed by O2 Architect Studio. The homes feature large balconies facing green areas, spacious interiors with 2.8 m of headroom, unique floor plans, options for personalization and roomy spaces. The extended window surfaces let the sunshine pour in from various directions – no wonder they were a hit in the previous phases, too.

Dagály Residence

The Dagály Residence apartment building was constructed by Biggeorge Property Ltd., in the popular area of the 13th district, at the corner of Dagály and Karikás Frigyes utca.

In the course of its design, we put great emphasis on the youthful, easygoing and comfortable internal spaces, which fit the style of the buildings in the neighbourhood.

Its elegant, light colours and large glass surfaces are inviting to their future owners and are in perfect harmony. These all contribute to the light and spacious living atmosphere of the building complex, providing a natural and friendly ambience. Due to the excellent location and the features of the surrounding buildings, the upper floor apartments offer breathtaking views of the beautiful Buda hills. The flats’ balconies and unique interior gardens also support the creation of a peaceful environment for the homes.

The residential building is easily approachable even by car, offering spacious indoor parking places. Browsing all the 140 diverse properties, everyone is sure to find The Right One, most suitable for their needs and wishes. Our studios are a great choice for students, while for couples we have one-bedroom flats with an open plan kitchen and living area. Families going for two or three-bedroom homes have the possibility to avail of private spaces for both the parents and the kids with ease, and those seeking an extraordinary lifestyle can choose their ideal residency from our range of top floor apartments with large balconies.

Sasad Liget 4

Our residential park development is located in the 11th district, south west of Sas Hill, on large hillside area of more than 10 hectares surrounded by Beregszász, Rodostó and Nagyszeben utca.

Following the great success of the fully sold out 3rd phase, all apartments in the 4th phase are now also sold, and the apartments of the latest, 5th phase are up for sale, too. The popularity of the Sasad Liget building complex is a result of its proximity to nature, with its large, green parks, combined with an excellent location. The city centre is easily approachable, both by car and public transport: the area is connected to several bus lines and even the M4 metro, the newest addition to Budapest’s public transport network. Moreover, the neighbourhood is equipped with an impeccable infrastructure, offering numerous different schools, great banking and shopping possibilities, health services and pharmacies, all within easy reach.

Broadway Residence

Located in the heart of Budapest, in the 7th district’s Csányi utca, Broadway Residence invites those who hold style and quality as equally important with regards to both a property and its environment.

The area is within one of the most dynamically developing neighbourhoods in the capital, an extraordinary meeting point of history and innovation, providing a really unique atmosphere to the area. The theatres and museums are a stone's throw away from Broadway Residence, the highbrow clubs of the ‘Pest Broadway’, the elegant restaurants of Liszt Ferenc tér, the Gozsdu Courtyard ,which is exceptionally popular amongst tourists, the internationally famous ruin pubs, the freshest music bars playing diverse genres, the modern restaurants and traditional, home-made style canteens, just like the wide variety of fast food eateries on Körút all contribute to the area’s truly unique atmosphere.

Broadway Residence offers modern and elegant living spaces made from high-end materials, in the 7th district of Budapest. The 6-storey building features an elevator and 57 apartments to be delivered in sizes between 28 and 77 sqm.

However 100% of our flats have already found their owners, retail spaces on the ground floor are still available.

Garibaldi 4

The Garibaldi 4 luxury development is located in the heart of Budapest’s financial quarter, in the neighbourhood of the Parliament and the River Danube. Its excellent approachability is provided by metro line 2, along with various bus and tramlines right by the building.

The first member of Biggeorge Property’s City Collection was handed over in 2009, following the completion of the full remodelling and renovation works. The building was originally planned to be a bank’s headquarters, constructed according to József Hubert’s design in 1904, parallel to the neighbouring buildings. Both the renovated floors and the newly built ones feature the architectural characteristics of the old and the contemporary times in one. Preserving the original, imposing ornaments, the restored stone stairways and corridors, the detailed forged ironwork elements, the large windows and compelling headroom, the property is worthy of being the location for an elegant yet modern lifestyle.

Sasad Liget 1

The company started a large, multi-phased residential development in the 11th district’s Beregszász út. The mutual aim of the developer and Gábor Zobóki, the designer, made it possible to preserve the garden suburb character possible in the development of new buildings and public spaces too, and provide green cover for the built-up areas at the site, in compliance with the surrounding streets of family houses.

In the residential area of Sasad’s rolling peaks, south-west of Sas hill, the first phase of the investment was implemented on a plot of more than 13 hectares enclosed by Beregszász, Rodostó and Nagyszeben utca. Amongst the residential houses, a large park of 3,500 sqm also awaits the residents. A total of 215 apartments were created in five individual buildings, delivered in 2008, a.

Sasad Liget 2

The developer and Óbuda Architect Studio designed the 2nd phase of Sasad Liget in accordance with the concept of the highly regarded first one. The ratio of built-up areas compared to the large, continuous green surfaces served to preserve the suburban atmosphere and the proximity of nature in this phase as well.

Regarding the scheme of colours and forms in the almost 13 hectare plot, novation was the guiding principle, with an installation plan adapted to the features of the environment to the greatest possible extent. The building complex delivered in 2011 features a total of 275 properties.

Bécsi Corner

In the course of the construction and conversion works, completed in mid-2009, some 7,300 sqm of office and almost 3,000 sqm of restaurant and retail space were built, meeting even the highest technical expectations, in addition to preserving the originality of the facades and style characteristics of the old and listed monumental buildings as enduring values, we also focused on creating internal spaces that follow contemporary needs and the possibilities for personalisation supported by high-end technological solutions. Both the owner and the manager paid special attention to the usage of environmentally conscious technologies and processes, as well as to the maintenance and constant modernisation of the building’s technical content.

The most characteristic member of the building complex is the school building from the last century, which strongly defines the appearance of the whole square with its classicist façade. Behind that, on the side of Bécsi út, hides the two-storey baroque brewery or ‘Serház’, which thanks to the renovation, has finally regained its original splendour. Next to that, all the way up to Sajka utca, traditional, single-floor houses typical of Óbuda have now also been renewed, along with the remodelling of the office building. The new office wing, which follows the guidelines of the older buildings in its appearance, was built on the side of Lajos utca facing Sajka utca. In the space surrounded by houses, an internal square reminiscent of Óbuda around the turn of the 20th century offers excellent recreational opportunities for those seeking to take a break.

Numerous domestic and international companies, who have chosen it as their headquarters, attest to the success of the development. Audi Hungary, Biggeorge Holding, Home Center and LEGO all rent their offices here, while the restaurant and retails spaces are currently occupied and used by Budapest Bank, Drogerie Markt, Vapiano and Chef Parade.

In 2010 Bécsi Corner won the special award of the Hungarian Real Estate Alliance (MAISZ) in its 12th Hungarian Real Estate Development Quality Contest, and in 2011 it received the first place in the category of monuments on FIABCI’s Prix d'Excellence.

Parkway Offices

Parkway Offices are located on Könyves Kálmán körút, in one of the most dynamically developing parts of Budapest and near one of the largest contiguous green areas of the city. From the side of Népliget, both the centre and Liszt Ferenc Airport, as well as the M5 and other motorways too, are all easily and rapidly accessible. Thanks to the proximity of metro line 3, tramline 1 and the Volánbusz bus station, Parkway Offices also favour those with a preference for public transport.

Besides Váci út, this is the other area of Budapest that is famous for being a dynamically developing office road. Over the past few years, Hungarian State Railways (MÁV), Allianz and Magyar Telekom have all found their new headquarters here, while at the same time several new office rental developments were carried out or are currently under preparation.

The ‘A’ category office building was realised in two phases over 26,300 sqm, completed in the middle of 2009 and satisfies even the highest expectations in quality. During its design, the main emphasis was on the creation of liveable and enjoyable spaces with a humanistic approach. The thorough layout and functional space organisation provide a wide potential for renters. The technical parameters of the building enable significantly high seating density but also airy, spacious internal offices: everyone is welcome to make their own office arrangements flexibly within a given floor from 200 up to even 3500 sqm according to their own needs and expectations. Besides the most innovative technology, the building has a unique appearance, featuring minimalistic forms and offering a wide range of the highest quality services. The glass façade provides an ethereal atmosphere, while the large glass surfaces from floors to ceilings let employees enjoy a clear view ahead.

Following the completion of the project, Parkway Offices was purchased from the investor by Raiffeisen Real Estate Fund.

Audi Logisztikai Park

The expansion of AUDI Hungary’s activities in Győr required the creation of an individual logistics centre away from the factory, in accordance with the company’s regulations. Based on the needs of AUDI Hungary, the investment was carried out as a customised development by the joint venture of A-K Construction Ltd. and Biggeorge Property Ltd., and later given for the use of AUDI Hungary under a long-term rental contract.

The building occupies 74,000 sqm of rentable space over 22 acres of industrial park in Győr, and was handed over in the summer of 2013, following a long tender process and a construction period carried out at an exceptionally ambitious tempo. The logistics centre, operated by Panopa Logistik has immediate railway connections and primarily ensures the operations of the car factory.

The financing partner of the project is Unicredit Bank Hungary.

The investment was sold by its owners to AUDI Hungary in 2014.


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